Improve your game…by taking lessons from a PGA Professional at The Bryanston Country Club Golf Academy

The Bryanston Country Club Golf Academy is situated in the heart of the beautiful Bryanston Country Club. The well maintained facilities include a hitting area; practice greens, chipping green and bunker facilities. The academy is run by Leigh-Jane Middleton and her team of qualified teaching PGA Pros and friendly staff. Although this is a member’s facility, non members are welcome to enroll in a lesson program or package with one of our Pro’s.


Taking golf lessons from a PGA Professional is the single best way to improve your game. A PGA Professional is uniquely skilled at evaluating your game and can help you:

  • Hit the ball longer and straighter
  • Play better on and around the green
  • Improve your course management skills
  • Make sure your equipment best fits you
  • All of this can lead to lower scores and more fun on the course


Meet the Pros

Feel free to make contact with any one of our Pro’s to book a lesson!



Leigh-Jane Middleton
072 237 2836 –

Julie Bruyns
084 505 8198 –

Dean Nysschen
082 976 8704 –

Lloyd Caister
082 774 8829 –