Sunshine Tour moves towards a green and gold future

The Sunshine Tour has announced that its green and gold logo unveiled during lockdown will remain as its official logo and as a reflection of the traditional green and gold sporting pride of most of South Africa’s national teams.

The announcement comes amidst the new Rise-Up Series of five tournaments that have marked the resumption of the Sunshine Tour’s schedule.

The green and gold look will be extended to the Sunshine Tour’s website and all of its media platforms.

“We initially decided to change our logo during the national lockdown as a show of solidarity with all South African sport and to reflect the greater drive by the Sunshine Tour and its member professionals to support all the efforts of government and the Department of Health in combatting the spread of the COVID-19 virus,” said Selwyn Nathan, Commissioner of the Sunshine Tour.

“We have now decided that as we’ve resumed tournament activity with the new Rise-Up Series, that it is only fitting to keep this green and gold logo as a representation of the greater efforts of South African sport to rise up from under the cloud of COVID-19.”

Written by: Michael Vlismas