Randpark Club Leads the Way to Environmental Conservation and Sustainability

Presenting two beautifully manicured Championship courses, Randpark Club has made tremendous progress in their focus on environmental conservation by taking into consideration the long-term sustainability of the environment and specifically, the management of water. Conservancy of the environment has been a core part of the philosophy of the club and they are in the process […]

Srixon Introduces the New 2018 Z Series, Woods and Irons Crafted for Tour Performance

Z Series Woods The new Z Series woods present a revolution in woods performance, delivering the most powerful suite of offerings from Srixon. The full line of Z Series woods feature advanced materials to help amplify your long game. “The new Z Series woods are pretty easy to explain: they’re long,” said Marketing Director Brian […]


Inverness Country Club

Some people have a bucket list of countries to visit but my bucket list consists of golf courses, and my aim is to play a golf course in ANY and EVERY country I visit. One of the courses that has been on the list for almost ten years now is in Birmingham, Alabama. Birmingham has […]

How Not to Struggle at the Game of Golf!

Golf - Michael Scholz

At every trick shot show that I perform, I pose a tongue-in-cheek question to the onlookers who contribute an hour after their round of golf to watch me having fun with strangely concocted swings and outlandish golf equipment clearly not meant for hitting golf balls. The question is a simple one and the results are […]

10 Facts you didn’t know about golf


1) A golf ball travels further on a hot day because the air is less dense. This is definitely good news for South Africans! 2) Only 20% of golfers have a handicap under 18. These golfers are known as “Bogey golfers”. 3) Only two sports have ever been played on the moon, the javelin throw […]

Beyond the Call – Mike Leemhuis

Mike Leemhuis - Beyond the Call

The typical perception of the PGA Member by the golfing masses is a ‘teaching pro’ who passes his or her time teaching golfers to play better golf and from time-to-time, getting out on the fairways and scraping together a semi-respectable round of golf that will avoid criticism from the club members, who support their resident […]

I Found a Golf Course in Africa

Golf Course

The South Coast of KZN has 11 well known and highly rated golf courses, but on one of my field trips into the rural areas inland of the coast I found to my astonishment another like no other and I rejoiced in the discovery. My colleagues and I were on an impressive high grassland plateau […]