The Berg heats Up and the golf was Hotter

A wonderful group of old friends and new friends joined Tee and Sandwedges and Global Golf at Champagne Sports Resort for our Christmas Champagne Sports Resort Mixed Competition.

Champagne Sports Resort was, as normal, fantastic.  The food was unbelievable, the rooms were fabulous and the golf course, despite the drought conditions, was fabulous.  The Gautengers had to get used to slower greens and I am waiting to hear how they fared on the greens once back in Gauteng.

The prizes, provided by Global Golf were fantastic and the golfers were very impressed.  Thank you to Darryl and Janine Parkins, from Global Golf, for joining us.  What a fun 3 days.

Be sure to join us in 2020 at our promotions.  We are including a number of new events on our programme.


Sunday Alliance Competition

1st Place:  Gerhard Beuttner, Ingaborg Beuttner, Renata Van Der Hoff, Bobby Van Der Hoff                        90 points

2nd Place:  Rose Smith, Anthony Smith, Wendy Robertson, Brian Enslin                                                                  87 points

3rd Place:  Sylvia Chvatal, Eddie Chvatal, Eva Dalvig, Hans Dalvig                                                                                 80 points


Monday Betterball Competition

1st Place:  Darryl Parkins and Janine Parkins                                                                                                                         49 points

2nd Place:  Renata Van Der Hogg nd Bobby Van Der Hoff                                                                                               46 points

3rd Place:  Viv Govender and Jo-Anne Govender                                                                                                              45 points


Tuesday Betterball Competition

1st Place:  Brenda Gilbert and Robin Twaddle                                                                                                                      44 points oco

2nd Place:  Rose Smith and Anthony Smith                                                                                                                            44 points oco

3rd Place:  Eva Dalvig and Hans Dalvig                                                                                                                                      44 points


Overall Winners:  Viv Govender and Jo-Anne Govender                                                                                                 83 points


Nearest the Pins


4th Hole:  Gerhard Beuttner

7th Hole:  Kaye Lyness

12th Hole:  Janine Parkins

16th Hole:  Dave Dowding



4th Hole:  Viv Govender

7th Hole:  Brenda Gilbert

12th Hole:  Eva Dalvig

16th Hole:



4th Hole:  Stuart Hogg

7th Hole:  Eva Dalvig

12th Hole:  David Dowding

16th Hole:  Jeanette Dowding